Understanding your ideal customer – The key to running a successful influencer campaign

Whether running influencer campaigns for consumer brands or a retail client, understanding the ideal customer or shopper profiles of the brands we work with is a critical part of running influencer campaigns for our clients with real impact and measurable results.

“Sitting with our clients and hashing out what their ideal customer looks like is the jumping-off point for not only matching the perfect content creator to the brand, but doing so in an authentic way so that the campaign message is believable to both the brand and the content creator’s audience,” says Cindy Laufs, owner of Hustle Media.

A little lost on how to lock down your brand’s ideal customer and align it with the right influencer? We share a few key questions to point you in the right direction.

What is the offering or product you want to communicate – not only to your audience but to the influencer’s audience?

Ensure you match your product offering to an influencer whose niche and expertise speak to your shared audience profile.

Describe your typical customer. What is their age?

Determining what generation they fall into is vital to platform selection and your messaging.

Where do your ideal customers live geographically?

Don’t be fooled by numbers. If your offering is location specific, like a mall or a restaurant, it is crucial to drill down into specifics. This is as simple as reaching out and asking the question: “Show me your demographics”.

How will your ideal customer find out about your product or service?

Influencer marketing is an essential part of many marketing strategies, but not all. Suppose your ideal customer resides in an area with low internet penetration. In that case, influencer marketing will not be your jam, and your budget will be better allocated reaching them through media they consume daily.

One of our faves: Marilize De Clercq

We love giving credit where credit is due!

Our current content creator crush is Marilize de Clercq. Style mentor, lifestyle connoisseur and a consummate professional. We’re currently working with Marilize on the #TygervalleyFinds campaign conceptualised by Mustard Seed Relationship Marketing. A campaign that proves nothing beats a good strategy, knowing your target audiences, and aligning your chosen influencer with both your strategy and your audience.

The festive season is approaching faster than we care to admit! Are you looking to add influencers to your campaign? Get in touch, and let’s create something wonderful together.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!




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